Honor Band A3

BDT 2,300.0


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Specs, performance and tracking

  • Consistent heart rate monitor
  • Basic run and swim tracking
  • Stat-packed sleep tracking, but questionable accuracy

This is a simple fitness tracker with an accelerometer and gyroscope but no GPS. So you can track runs but they will never be as accurate as a GPS wearable, or even your phone. That said, the Honor Band 3 does track steps accurately whether out on a run, going for a walk or even on the treadmill in the gym.

Swimming is another metric that is tracked, which in some part goes towards explaining the price hike of this over the likes of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

This is an underrated feature as it lets you focus on the swimming rather than constantly counting and trying to remember where you are

Heart rate tracking works well on the Band 3, with fast acquisition, even on hairy arms, and pretty decent accuracy - and yes, even underwater. It’s not chest strap level good but it’s not far off and stays consistent, so works well for zoned heart rate training.

Though since you only have the options of outdoor run, swim and indoor run, even that zone training is limited. We tried to use this on indoor run mode to track a yoga class but the lack of regular movement made it useless, so be sure you plan to do one of the sports it covers.

Sleep tracking is also a bonus on the Honor Band 3, which uses what the company calls Huawei TruSleep (as Huawei is the parent company). This records lots of depth when sleep tracking and there is even detailed analysis of that sleep.


While this is a great idea and looks good, its accuracy was, well, interesting. This tester has a nine month old baby and was up several times in the night.

The tracker picked up on two of three wake ups and showed back to sleep in mere minutes, which might be accurate, but the speed of slipping into a deep sleep seems optimistic at best compared to previous trackers tested.

There's also a breathing score – though we're not sure how our perfect score of 100 was achieved there, or measured for that matter.

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